Thursday, September 10, 2009

acrylic underpainting
24" x 18"

This painting will be a demo, layer by layer.

First stage. Transferred image with the grid method. Rough sketch in acrylic for underpainting. (Gesso is acrylic and as long as the acrylic underpainting is kept thin, oil can be painted over it.) Want to push the values, lights and darks and this sketch gives me a good idea where they will fall on the figure. Painting will be done in layers, unlike my portrait studio sketches which are alla prima (wet into wet) and finished on the spot. My attempt at a grisaille (monochrome underpainting) was difficult and not carried through because of the acrylics. Now I remember why I hate painting with acrylics. The paint dries much darker when dry. Will try this method again in oils. A good example of the grisaille method is by Jeff Hayes on his blog. Follow my link to his site on the sidebar. Check back here later to see the next stages of Rachel 5.

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