Sunday, September 27, 2009

24" x 18"
End of painting demo

Still have lots of tinkering to do but will end this demo here. Have many new paintings to post meanwhile.


jeannie said...

This is lovely, Diane. Thanks for the demo.
I usually work in watercolor, but love your results in oil. I have some canvases stashed in my studio and think I might pull one out and try this method. I'm a lover of dappled light! Just beautiful!

Kathleen E Kelly said...

I'm going to have to see this one. And I want to see you paint a painting like this sometime. You know, one thing not one teacher has ever done at the VAC is have a class where all you do is watch the teacher step by step. Like I would easily pay the full amount of a class just to watch you paint something like this. I learn a lot that way. I also liked how you mentioned that every painting has it's ugly stage, it's so true and that's when so many people just stop. It's when you push it farther that the true artist comes out. This demo was fabulous and until I see it, (even after all this), I won't believe it's not a pastel. By the way, I LOVE the color of the top the girl has on in the painting. Such a great color!