Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Afternoon Painting

5" x 7"

Once in a while it's my treat to tend to Julie and Joan's parrots while they are away.  I get to feed, water, and play with them.  Spent a cloudy afternoon in the lani (what a screened in porch is called in Florida) listening to two African grays, a cockatiel, canary, finch, lovebird and a parrotlet chattering, chirping, and talking away.  "Harley wants cracker," said Harley. "What's the matter?" asked Davy.  Lyric said, "Hi Lyric," while I painted this orchid for my friends.  When it was finished and propped up by the kitchen window to dry, a neighbor walked across the yard collecting pine cones.  "Put them around my plants, keeps the armadillos and possums away," she said.  And she liked my painting.  All and all a very good day.

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