Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snapshots and Painting

4" x 6"

Quick study painted from snapshot taken last summer on Doc's Island, Florida.  Doc's Island is actually a forty acre island near Punta Gorda owned by a friend of a friend.  We painted there a few times surrounded by chickens, cattle, peacocks, rabbits and plenty of fire ants.  This piece of old Florida is for sale and will disappear one of these days to become a fancy gated community or golf course.  Painting from life, plein air and direct painting is great if it's possible and the conditions are right.  But I have nothing against using photos for reference in painting as long as it's not just copying the photo exactly, but using it as a starting point to create a new reality.  I need to write more about this later.  31.1 degrees outside right now here in SW Florida!  Imagine that!

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