Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wipe Out

10" x 8"
      Portrait studio, Punta Gorda VAC.  Painting is like fishing... sometimes it's a keeper, sometimes it get tossed back.  (Not talking about catch-and-release here, where they're all tossed back.)  Not thrilled with my painting of Barbara.  Models shouldn't try to smile for three hours, but I'm not blaming her, the fault is mine.  If a model wears glasses, they should be kept on, they make great "landmarks" for drawing.   The glasses were removed after the first pose then put back on at the end.  Wasn't happy with my profile view, I should have moved.  I like a few spots around the eyes and it was good practice.  Every painting is practice for the next.  And after I wipe this one off, I'll be ready.

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