Friday, April 23, 2010

Dangers of Plein Air Painting #2

Little Vizcaya
6" x 8"
Danger of plein air painting #1 was the fatal attraction of rainbow beach umbrellas (a visual challenge I hope to torture myself with again),  and danger #2 is COCONUTS!!!   While painting this scene in Boca Grande I was nearly conked on the head by two falling coconuts!   They landed with a thump about four feet away from me.  I looked up and saw dozens more in the tree over-head.   The owner of this house drove over in his golf cart to warn me: "More people are killed around the world by falling coconuts than shark attacks or lightning strikes!"   He also told me his house was built by the same architect that built Vizcaya Mansion in Miami, so he named his house, Little Vizcaya.  The architect's name was F. Burrall Hoffman who built Vizcaya in 1917, so this Boca Grande house must be from the same period.  Took the coconuts home and celebrated this painting with pina coladas!

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