Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Portrait Demo

10" x 8"

       During this demo, I found it difficult to talk and paint at the same time.  Discovered my observations were shared by Betty Edwards in her classic book, DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN.   "... that I couldn't talk and draw at the same time, and that I lost track of time while drawing."  I've watched many artists give demos and most seem to overcome the obstacle.   Daniel Greene chattered away as fast as his brush.   Hodges Soileau elegantly mixed paints with words.   Romel de la Torre paused to talk and then kept the audience mesmerized with confident splashes of color.   Sally Christiansen blended pastels with energy and inspiration.  And this weekend, I watched Greg Biolchini paint a still-life and keep the room entertained with flair.   Painting demos are a skill acquired with practice.  I'm thankful for my students patience as I practice switching from left to right brain-mode.
       Elaine Again, the demo for my Artist's Bootcamp started out with the Zorn palette ( black, white, yellow ochre, and cadmium red).   Reworked at home with ultramarine blue.  

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