Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dangers of Plein Air Painting #4356

Shoe Gallery
6" x 8"
   Plein air in Matlacha (mat-la-shay).  Landlord of this building asked for his 15% when I sell the painting, so I'll have to raise my price.  (Maybe landlords asking for a percentage of scene could be Danger of Plein Air Painting #4357).  Had my shade umbrella bungee-corded to a fence while the sun cooked the lady painting next to me a deep shade of hideous pink.   Painted fast so we could break for lunch.  So, Dangers of Plein Air Painting #4356 (drum roll please)... OSPEYS.  Little did we know when we picked our spot that we were under the flight path of a pair of nest-building ospreys!  And it wasn't the poop that worried us.  The sticks they were carrying were the size of broomstick handles.  We watched them drop a few as they skirted directly overhead.

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