Thursday, August 19, 2010

Venice Portrait Studio

11.5" x 8.5"

Roger is a familiar model and artist around the Venice Art Center.  He has been painted by so many people that we're thinking of doing a Roger Show.  He's so full of energy he can hardly sit still.  I struggled with this portrait.  The original sketch had his head inside the frame, but "exploding-head-syndrome" caused it to break out of the edges.  May have been caused by changing my site points, the cap and glasses threw me off.  His eyes only glanced over in my direction a few times... I loved the sparkle in the corner of his eye.  Caught the same expression the last time I painted him, in oils instead.  This time I almost gave up and just pounded the pastels, forcing the color and letting the calligraphy write the story.  Sometimes, I do my best when I think the piece is lost... then I let go and paint without thinking.  In the end, the magic pastel dust did its job.

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