Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blue Pots Oil Demo

Red acrylic on 18" x 24" canvas for first layer.
Thin oils applied rapidly with big old fat bristle brushes.
Third layer, painted pots on left.
18" x 24"

This is the first oil I've done in a few months because of my new-found pastel obsession.  Pastels have forced me to "see" color in a new way.  It was a compliment when my husband asked, "Is that a pastel?" when he first saw Blue Pots.  With oils, the colors are not in front of you and each has to be mixed.  With pastels, colors that I would never think of mixing are in front of me like a tempting box of candy.  What joy!  Pastels have "pushed" my color sensitivity into a brighter range.  Rather than reproducing the colors I see in front of me, I'm more experimental and intuitive with color selection.  And all because of working in a different medium for a while. 

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