Thursday, September 16, 2010

Half-Way Sketches

Sunday Morning
6" x 9"
My husband and I picked a spot on the beach to settle in for a few hours.  He packed a lunch and a book and I had a few sketching supplies.  Was half way through this drawing, (tan Canson taped to a small piece of foam core board four sides) when a large family set up a ten foot square shade canopy blocking my view!  I had the drawing blocked in with Nupastels (always have a small plastic box filled with a good selection of broken pieces for lap-sketching, and pad of paper ready to go.  Sometimes, it's best to travel light, I'll write more about this later).  Fortunately, I had snapped a few photos and decided to finish it at home.  I turned and faced inland and sketched  clouds and trees, and left it half-way done.  With both of these half-way sketches, I was able to note the colors and values... something that just doesn't show up in a photo, and finish them back in my studio.  So I discovered half-way sketches, instead of finishing on the spot, frees me from that time pressure.  And I don't have to get angry if something blocks my view!  Half-way sketches for stress relief, ahhh...

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