Monday, September 20, 2010

Pastel Gull Demo

Gull Landing
4.5" x 8.5"
There's something vibrant that happens with pastel on black, sanded Pastel Card.  It's my least favorite color to work on, maybe because it reminds me of those black velvet Elvis paintings, but I've been impressed with the color results.  Gull Landing was started by drawing the background first.
Step 1:  Covered entire area of black Pastel Card with Nupastels.  These pastels are quickly becoming my favorites for underpainting, blending, and detail work.  I also used a piece of my handy, dandy Home Depot pipe insulation to rub in the color.  Not one finger was used to blend in this painting.  The sanded surface is too rough anyway.  I always use Gloves in a Bottle to protect myself from pigments... safety first!
Step 2:  Worked in gull after rubbing off an area with stiff, old bristle brush.  Used pastel pencils for small details.  Added shadows to forground.  Continued adding darks and lights with Nupastels and pastel pencils with a touch of soft pastels here and there until the finished version... here again below.
Gull Landing finished with signature in pencil.

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