Tuesday, October 19, 2010

After Lunch Sketch

Second on First Street
6" x 9"
Sometimes, they just work.   Really pleased with this one.  Used smooth side of Canson Pastel paper.  Roughed in the sketch and blended for underpainting, then scribbled away.  This drawing was done using only NuPastels, which are hard pastels.  Had a small, clear plastic fishing tackle box filled with broken pieces from the 96 color set and a small sketch pad of paper.  Sat in a chair on the sidewalk in the shade.   Squinted to see darks and lights and noted them before the sun changed the shadows.  Liked the cool green weeds in the foreground and dark tree with sky holes in background.  Fence slats were mostly imagination, letting building and background show through.  Wish they were all this easy. 

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