Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving Portrait

The Singer
9" x 12"
Had been talking about gesture drawing with another artist, Sally Christiansen, right before the "singer" posed.  We talked about drawing two minute poses and then how long time seemed to stretch for five minute poses.  Sally told me that in art school (Parsons) she had to draw models that moved in slow motion!  While we waited for the above model to arrive, we had the janitor pose for fifteen minutes.  Sally knocked out a super pastel drawing, signed it and gave it to the very impressed and beaming janitor.  Sally's drawings are fast and sure, what talent!
 The Janitor (15 minute pastel sketch)
Sally Christiansen
about 15" x 20"
When the "Singer" posed, he strummed his guitar and sang with such feeling he couldn't stop moving.  The music was lovely, we didn't dare to ask him to hold still.  I shredded my hour and a half drawing because I just couldn't "get" it.  Finally, we told him to hold still so we could draw the details.  My pastel, "The Singer," above, is from the last twenty minute pose (touched up back in studio!).  Maybe we should just draw faster?  
Meanwhile, I'm still working on my "Janitor" pastel from a photo.  I'll post it in a day or so.  Just taking my time...

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