Friday, November 19, 2010

Hitting a Wall

Third on First Street
8" x 10"
Sometimes, I feel like I've hit a wall with my paintings.  I visualize what I want in my head but it's another thing to bring that vision to canvas.  This painting was done to get myself to paint outside the box and push my technique.  I wasn't interested in painting another pretty picture.  This painting was done to explore technique, push style and skill level and practice for future paintings.  I wanted to capture color values, use bigger brushes and not get bogged down in details.  And work faster because light changes quickly when painting outside.  I was attracted to the pinkish-orange color of the building and the dark shadow thrown by the wall.  The soft shadow of a palm tree on the wall was actually just outside this paintings window.  Moved it over to add interest to the wall...  I can do that because I'm an artist!   A plein air painting doesn't have to be a photographic snapshot of a place.  It can be an impression, a collection of light patterns, colors, bits of architecture, wind blown wisps of trees, and moving shadows.  A feeling of time well spent splashing paint on canvas.  Something learned from this painting will enhance the next.

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