Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Umbrella

After Lunch
8" x  10"
Everything changed after lunch.  The beach filled up with sun roasting tourists slowly turning cadmium orange and a hideous shade of vermillion.   Once in a while, one would sneak up behind, footsteps muffled by sand, and say, "That's pretty darn good," making me jump,  tossing my brush.  But still I stayed and painted away as the angle of the sun slanted towards the west burning the only spot on my neck not protected by suntan lotion.   The owners of the blue umbrella packed up and left before I had a chance to finish... how rude.
But still, it was a wonderful day, two paintings by me and one by my friend.   Unfortunately, she took a sharp turn in her car after stopping at an orchard and her fresh, wet oil painting was rolled by oranges.

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