Thursday, January 13, 2011

Small Boats

Canoe Number Two
4" x  6"

Doing a series of small boats to practice painting water and reflections, palette knife work, and brush stroke technique.  This canoe was painted from an old photo that I changed quite a bit.  The location was Mohonk Moutain, upstate New York, a magical place in my back yard when I lived there.  Used the palette knife to create the light reflections on the water, upper right.  
I've always had a bias against painting with the palette knife, probably because I've seen so many horrible paintings done with it.  But just got back from a slide show by visiting artist, Dan Thompson, at the Southern Atelier in Sarasota which changed my mind.  The works of colorist painter, Henry Henche and other artists were inspirational.  Painting is a life long learning experience... learning to "see" and translate that vision with paint.

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