Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Venice Train Depot
8" x 10"
Spent a Sunday afternoon painting with an artist friend who has a lovely, lilting southern accent.  Her slow, gentle way of speaking fell into the rhythm of our brushstokes.   I had to pause and smile when she described the color of the rafters and tiles as a soft, sort of "pank."  Later, we set our paintings up against a wall to decide if anything needed to be changed or adjusted.  I thought her painting was excellent, just a few minor strokes here and there and it was finished.  Put it away and start another, I said.  It's interesting how two different artists can paint the same scene in totally different ways (wish I had snapped a photo of her painting, maybe later.)  And her advice to me was to remove the light fixture that I had hanging from the ceiling over the arch.  She was right!  I painted it out and my painting is stronger for it.

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