Saturday, May 21, 2011

Portrait Demo of a Lady

Lady, 10x8" oil
Painted from model at the Venice Portrait Studio, VAC.  Brought my camera along and took photos each time the model took a break.  The photos below look a lot lighter because of the working lights in the portrait studio room.  The finished sketch above was scanned into my computer and looks darker, but is closer to the "real colors."  Anyway, here's a peek at my process (struggle).
Rapid block in after first pose.
After second pose.
Third pose.
Fourth pose.  
And finished after fifth pose.  Really like how it looks after the 4th, and wish my colors were actually that bright in the finish. 

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Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

As a fairly new artist and one who still struggles a lot with the values and colors in portraits, I appreciate seeing how other artists develop their portrait paintings. I agree, I think I like the 4th pose best because of the lightness, but both that and the 5th are very nice. Thanks for posting your process.