Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Venice Plein Air

Shade Pavilion View, 6x6"oil

Painted this one during my lunch break on the same day as yesterday's post.  I was careful to avoid the deadly piece of concrete, although I did notice a bloody sidewalk.  Half-crazed from standing in the sun all morning, the cool shade of Venice Beach's new pavilion felt wonderful.  Problem was, I'd left my paints and linseed oil in the car and was too lazy to walk back over.   So painted this without any medium and used the leftover colors inside my paintbox.  Nice thing about oils, stays dry inside  my EasyL pochade box for days, even weeks.   And the town of Venice is constantly planting new palm trees, these still had the wooden supports attached to hold them up, but using my artistic license left them out.

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