Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Window View

North View, 6x6" oil
The weekly challenge ( http://www.dailypaintworks.com/Challenges )is to paint a view from a window in your house.  This is what I see from my front studio window.  My neighbor's yard across the road is always filled with flowers, gazing balls, and flamingos... even has a flock of flamingos that glow in the dark.  A constantly changing exhibit that matches the seasons.  Our yard has been hit hard by two nasty winters, lost several palm trees in the island garden that the hose is leading into.  And the scrawny bush on the left, once a huge traveler's palm, now reduced to a few torn leaves.  But the Purple Queen and the blue lobelia are starting to grow back.  And the cardboard palm, the big plant on right, was saved by covering it with blankets during the cold snap.  Gardening in Florida is tough!

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