Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Marine Oil Painting

Gulfscape #2, 8x10" oil
Lots of cloudy weather down here in Florida this week, just right for practicing stormy weather paintings.  Used limited palette, perylene red, ultramarine blue, cerulean, light cad yellow, and titanium white.  Painted alla prima... wet into wet all at once.


Susan Roux said...

Next week I'm going to a private beach with great waves. I hope to be brave enough to try to capture the movement on site. It's such a difficult thing. Never mind changing sun, gee the subject never stands still! I guess it needs to come from the heart and forget about capturing an actual wave.

DMannion said...

So much of wave painting comes from memory and imagination. While sitting on the beach, take a mental snapshot of one wave and paint that one. Try to stay with that pattern and refer to similar waves as reference. One day, I kept painting wave after wave on one canvas until the paint was thick. Good practice but a wipe-out for that painting.