Wednesday, July 27, 2011

View From the Cockpit

DMannion, View From the Cockpit, 6x6" oil
     Painted half from photo reference and half from memory of a mid-Atlantic adventure on a small sailboat.  Still can't get over the sense vulnerability.  How gallon jugs of water flew across the cabin and the boat was leaking and night was approaching along with a storm and the hull was less than an inch thick and the bottom of the ocean was a couple of miles deep underneath.   Funny how people asked later... "Well, where did you pull in at night?"  This painting is a sketch of how the waves looked like mountains.  And imagine the black of night when they couldn't be seen at all... only felt slamming against the hull.  This painting is not scary enough, looks more like a children's book illustration than an illustration of sheer fear.

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