Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bait Boat, Sarasota Bay

Diane Mannion, Bait Boat, Sarasota Bay, 9x12" oil


      This painting took a long time to finish.  Painted the underpainting in burnt umber and it sat around my studio for a year.  Meanwhile, every time I looked at it, I saw something else I wanted to change.  So finally... finished it today.
      This old boat captured my attention one morning when I was painting at Selby Gardens.  It came out of a side channel, the captain waved and headed out to the bay.  A cast net was on the bow for capturing either bait fish or mullet.  I liked the spray-painted letters and numbers on the side.  And loved the turquoise pipe used for a fender.  And the way the light lit up the red plastic buckets... oh, joy!  And the yellow foul-weather pants... an artist's delight.

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