Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time For Tea... Painting Fast or Slow

DMannion, Time for Tea, 6x6" oil
This was painted for the Paint your Mug Challenge.  I had painted my favorite mug a few months ago using a tight technique that took a few days.  Thought I'd try a looser style with this one which took a few hours.  Here's the first mug:
DMannion, MY MUG, 6x6" oil
There's a movement among the daily painters to paint fast and loose.  Spent some time last night looking at Carol Marine's paintings and watched her video.  She makes it look so easy.  Sigh.  But I learned a few things by watching her paint!  It's not that I want to paint just like her... but somehow grasp a few of her concepts to merge with my own style.   Painting is a never ending learning process... good thing it's so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Like it a lot.

Angela said...

Love your mugs but really like the cloth in the top one

DMannion said...

Thank you, Angela. I had fun painting the cloth... a little like making a patchwork quilt with paint.