Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Salt Jar

Diane Mannion, Salt Jar, 6x4 oil
      For fun and practice, painted this jar in 291 strokes.  The drawing was painted using ultramarine blue thinned with linseed oil....and was NOT included in the strokes count.  Only used a dab of linseed oil as a medium, and paint directly from the tubes.  No mineral spirits used at all.  Tried to lay the paint on thick with a minimal amount of blending.
      This is excellent practice for brushwork.  Used number 4 and 2 bristles only.  And aimed for less than three stokes for each loaded brush.  Wiping (pulled paint off with paper towel and linseed oil) and changing color often.
      My palette colors were a warm and cool of the primaries:
Cad yellow pale, cad yellow dark, Winsor red, permanent alizarin, ultramarine blue, and
cobalt blue hue.  And titanium white.  All Gamblin or Winsor & Newton artists quality paints.  (Just a reminder to my students... stay away from student grade paints!) I also like many other brands, artist quality of course.
  Video Demo: The Salty Jar


Maria's Watercolor said...

It is lovely.

Linda Popple said...

I like this, Diane! You managed to get so much information with so few strokes. Thanks for sharing your info and your video!

Sarah Jayne said...

Diane, what a fun idea to post a video--thank you so much!

Carolina Elizabeth said...

Your art is fabulous. I admire so much your skills in portraying a wonderful amount of light in your subjects. You are truly inspirational. Carolina