Saturday, September 10, 2011

Woman With Colors

Diane Mannion, Woman With Colors, 8x6" oil

      Venice Art Center's portrait studio started the new season yesterday with this beautiful model.  Painted this on top of a half finished plein air landscape turned sideways.  I liked the colors (the reds are an underpainting, and the light yellow and blue above her head are the sky and the Gulf's horizon.  The scene was in Boca Grande, some palm trees show on the left.)  Pleased with how the colors gave the portrait personality and spirit, the background took on a new meaning and I'm glad I didn't paint it out.  Also left the thickly painted brushstrokes alone without much blending... pushing technique.


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful skin tones and I love the background! Great idea, too!

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Love the wonderful colors of her skin. You did a beautiful job on a beautiful woman. The bright background colors are perfect.

DMannion said...

Thanks, Linda Popple! And Jean Nelson, too, for you nice comments. Used limited palette of red, yellow, and blue (warm and cool of each color)... and white. Didn't use any earth tones like yellow ochre or burnt sienna. The black in the woman's hair was ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, and a touch of cadmium yellow dark.