Thursday, October 13, 2011

Venice Pier Rain Clouds

Diane Mannion, VENICE PIER RAIN CLOUDS, 6X8" oil
      After a fabulous week in NYC (saw Lucian Freud at the Met!) it was refreshing to paint with my plein air friends again.  This is also the beginning of our busy season with lots artists returning.  (WELCOME HOME, TERRY!)  It was difficult to keep quiet and not exchange news and stories while we painted, but we were able to chat a few minutes before we ran from the rain.  Artists really need to focus while working and not talk.  Difficult for some tourists to understand.  Many of us will meet again at the ArtSensation'11 in Punta Gorda, November 5. 
      Finished this painting at home from a snapshot that really did not capture the magnificent color and light of the real scene.  Added a few more sea oats (there were some off to the left, but using my artistic license, I transplanted them with my brush to make this painting more visually exciting.  Artists are allowed to do this... and don't even need a permit.)

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