Sunday, November 6, 2011

House on Gill Street

Diane Mannion, House on Gill Street, 8x10" oil
      This painting won an award at the Artsensations plein air paintout yesterday in Punta Gorda.  Artists painted between 9am and 1pm on a beautiful, sunny and cool day.  It's amazing how much good work was created in such a short time.  While I painted, people stopped by to chat.   A few cats sat nearby fascinated by my brush moving across the canvas.  
      And at the other end of the street, artist Joe Palmerio painted a fantastic view of the purple house across from the Methodist Church.  He also won an award, well deserved!  
      As I look at my small reproduction online, I can see a few areas where my perspective is a bit wonky.  Easily fixed by adding a few bushes on the right side of the house.  There were no plantings around it, had to imagine the flowers out front.  Recently renovated, the building's grounds were bare except for grass.  There were garbage cans on the right side of the porch, not paint-worthy, so I added a bush.  But I'm pleased that I captured the morning sunlight and atmosphere of the neighborhood.  Punta Gorda's historic district is quaint and of my favorite places to paint.
      And here's the new, improved version!  What a difference a few plants make!


Laura A. said...

Just wanted to leave you a note to say how much I admire your paintings. Your use of color is wonderful as is your style.

Sonya Johnson said...

I love the colors in this painting, Diane. I bet this time of year is just ideal for outdoor painting, too.

Congratulations on your award!

shirley fachilla said...

The light on your metal roof is just marvelous.