Sunday, November 13, 2011

Royal Marina View

Diane Mannion, Royal Marina View, 10x8" oil
      Even though I'm way behind in my Weekly Challenges, I decided to attempt the November Big Brush Challenge on Kevin Macpherson's AMO site.  And trying out these exercises help me decide how to torture my students in new ways.
        Royal Marina View was painted with only a #12 bristle brush (which is about an inch wide)... even for details.  It felt like painting with a broom!  But it's a way of getting out of the comfort zone.  Had to cut out a lot of details and zoomed in, way in, on the scene.  Originally had a stone wall and water's edge along the bottom and a small bridge on the left.  Wiped out my first session which was painted on site.  Second version painted from a snapshot and memory.  Was forced to concentrate on patterns, masses, and values.  Had to use lots of thick paint (which is a good thing).  Great exercise but can't wait to get back to my favorite #2s!

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Katherine Thomas said...

Wow! This is a beautiful painting. I've only been painting in oils for a short time, but I already have a dislike toward bristle brushes. I admire you for doing a whole painting with one. And it turned out gorgeous!