Saturday, December 31, 2011

200 Beach Runner

 Diane Mannion, 200 BEACH RUNNER, oil on canvas, 8x6"
This is my 200th painting for 2011!  COUNTING COUNTS!!!  
Diane Mannion, 199 Rachael is Seven, oil, 8x6"
Seven year olds don't hold still.
Diane Mannion, 198 Venice Model, oil, 8x6"
This model didn't take breaks!  Amazing beauty.
Diane Mannion, 197 Bob Drawing, oil, 10x8"
Painted while teaching Bob and other students how to draw outside.
Diane Mannion, 196 Jean, oil, 10x8"
15 minute sketch of student.  Class took turns posing.  Sketches were 
wiped off right after as an exercise in beginning a portrait.  Took a snapshot of this before wiping off.  Good for teaching students that not every drawing is "precious."

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