Monday, January 30, 2012

Beachy Monday

Diane Mannion, BEACHY MONDAY, 8x10" oil
An artist's life is tough!  Another morning painting at the beach with my beach buddy.  Cool and breezy enough to keep a lot of folks away.  After painting all morning, it's usually our habit to have lunch at the shade pavilion while looking at our paintings, leaning against a railing or table across from us.  We give each other gentle suggestions and praise.  Today, I mostly praised my friend's work until a gust of wind blew her painting face down, covering it with sand.  She said it could be brushed off when the paint dried, and left it face up on the floor near the table.  Later, a family walked by and I noticed a teenage boy step right on it with his flip flop.  I yelled "HEY!  That's a wet painting!"  He apologized, saying he thought it was a tile.  My friend's gorgeous seascape showed the scars of a typical day at the beach with real sand and authentic flip flop tracks on the bottom edge.  An artist's life is tough.
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