Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grab Bag Demo

Diane Mannion, Grab Bag Demo, 6x6" oil
      I have a wonderful group of students at the VAC, Punta Gorda, FL on Tuesdays!  A few take drawing in the morning and then paint along with the afternoon painting class where most work in oils or acrylics.  Today's project for both classes was a grab bag of still life objects to arrange on their tables along with a piece of striped fabric.  
      I decided to paint a demo and hold it up after each stage, but one student wanted to see how I started a painting.  Suddenly, most of the class was standing behind me while I stained the white canvas with yellow ochre.  I drew a few lines indicating where my objects would be, then chased everyone back to do the same.
      After doing the rounds around the room, checking on each painting and making suggestions, I went back to my panel and blocked in all the "local" colors, painting the dark values first.  Held that stage up and helped the students catch up.
      This stage by stage process went on for the afternoon.  I painted and made the "rounds" coaching and cheering.  Many interesting paintings were created in an industrious few hours.    
      But the most satisfying part of the day was learning from my students.  A couple are natural talents and have strong, colorful styles.  I learn a lot from them.  Sometimes, I feel the most I can do with these students is give them "permission" to carry on! 


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