Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ten Minute Challenge 2012

Diane Mannion, TEN MINUTE CHALLENGE 2012, 10x8" oil
This is a repeat of the Daily Paintworks Challenge which I painted in February, 2011.  Each jar is painted in TEN minutes!  The difference with this painting is the size of the brush.  2011... #2.  2012...#6!  A number two bristle is about a quarter of an inch wide... and a number six is about a half inch.  Some jars were painted inside and some outside lighting was, but it's the same little jar I painted last year.  And I'll post this one in the Carol Marine's new Ten Minute Challenge Again.  Here's last year's version:
Diane Mannion, Ten Minute Jars 2011, 10x8" oil
Great exercise!  Took a little longer last year to add the lettering.  2011 is crisper because of the smaller brush, but 2012 is more painterly and less of an illustration.

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Maria Bennett Hock said...

Great challenge to repeat especially with a different brush! Love it