Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yellow Truck

Diane Mannion, YELLOW TRUCK, 6x8" oil
Couldn't resist the bright yellow truck parked under purple awnings,  and the pinkish building for background.  Lots of color to play with here.  This was on the corner of Venice and Nokomis Ave, Venice, Fl.  Also, number 3 in my Venice Doorways series, a current counting project. 
      And a few words about the down-side of counting:
      I'm my own worst "boss."  Self-discipline is everything but sometimes we're too hard on ourselves and need to ease up.  Enough with the guilt about "not" doing enough!  We work darn hard and if we're not up to the count, so what... at least we're getting there, or working towards our goal.  Counting is only a tool to use like a scale to keep track of your weight.  Don't need to weigh yourself everyday, but when your clothes pinch, get back on it.  Felt bad yesterday about not finishing a painting to post, but it needed to "age" a bit and I'll finish eventually.
      Some of the daily painters have really loose techniques.  I don't mean sloppy or bad, most are really good.  Some artists can use a huge brush and dash off a painting in minutes, others work on small pieces.  But the process is part of the joy and if it takes longer to create the effect you want, so be it!  I love to fiddle and refine, does that mean it's too tight or overworked?  Sometimes, YES!  It's a balancing act.  For me, it's a constant battle between the "artist" and the "illustrator."  And counting works for me!  

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