Friday, February 24, 2012

Pork Sushi

Diane Mannion, PORK SUSHI, 6x8" oil
Inspired after watching Abbey Ryan's recent live two hour demo online!  You can find her links through Just had to try her method of holding a paintbrush on the far end, instead of like holding it down by the brush end like clinching a pencil.  I tend to paint like I do illustrations, tight and tense.  This  method really helps loosen and relax the hand in order to paint more painterly.  Also wanted to see if I could do a two hour painting in Abbey's time frame.  This one took two hours!  Felt like I could have kept going all day, but enough said about this pork chop.  Painted from photo reference to keep the dogs and flies away.  It's also my entry into this week's meaty challenge.  FUN!  And no, didn't eat it raw.  Chef John cooked it with onions and apples... delicious!

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