Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Diane Mannion, BONNIE, 8x6" oil
Another Heady Portrait studio artist, Bonnie!  I used the Zorn palette again: cad red lt, yellow ochre, black, and white.  Sorely missed blues and purples and every other color.  Good exercise but can't wait to use a full palette again.  Bonnie has already gone back north for the season, which is a good thing... won't have to listen to her scream when she sees this.  I'll put it away, let it "age" and tinker with it again later.  There's still hope, Bonnie.  Everyone misses you!


Linda Popple said...

Another really lovely portrait! You work well with the Zorn palette.

DMannion said...

Thanks, Linda. Started another today using full color... but the funny thing was, I kept reaching for the Zorn colors. Black, yellow ochre, and white make a beautiful green background color. Noticed your portrait in DPW today... bold work! That takes guts.

Crystal Cook said...

This is really fantastic. I love the illuminated look her skin has. You've done wonders with that palette, not to mention your bravery! Black on skin tones in the wrong hands can be a disaster, but you pull it off enormously well. :)