Thursday, May 31, 2012

American Lotus

Diane Mannion, AMERICAN LOTUS, 6x6" oil
Painted with the Light Chasers at the edge of the lotus pond near the Jacaranda Library in Venice, FL.  This complex landscape forced me to simplify while at the same time paint from imagination although the subject was right in front of me.  It was impossible to capture so much detail.  The pandemonium of lily pads, flowers, colors, lights, and shadows caused me to visually rearrange and organize the scene in order to create my own impression.  The longer I stood  by the pond, the more I began to see and when that Great White Heron appeared... I just had to paint him in!  This complex little painting is simply an illustration of a colorful morning in May.  And every other artist painting around the pond created their own unique vision... ordering chaos into paint on canvas.  

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Amazing and beautifuL. I love finding the heron in there.