Sunday, July 8, 2012

On A Clear Day She Can See Forever

Diane Mannion, On A Clear Day She Can See Forever,
16x20" oil 
This is the fourth week I've been working on larger paintings that seem to take forever compared to my small, daily paintings.  But after winning a major award with a larger painting, I feel an obligation to push onward and upward with this size.  The challenge for me now is to do both at the same time!  
I've documented my struggle (please click on it for a larger view):


Linda Roth said...

You should like it Diane, it's wonderful and very inspiring. I've been in a slump for days. This painting makes me want to get back to it. It's quite special, full of sunlight like your other work.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for sharing the process and your thoughts along the way! It's beautiful!! I can smell the surf and suntan lotion. :)

Maria Bennett Hock said...

Love this painting and loved reading the commentary!

Maria Baluis said...

Thanks for the inspiration to paint larger. I think the painting is beautiful. You captured how wonderfully cathartic it is to spend time deep in thought while gazing at the ocean.