Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morning Thunder

Diane Mannion, Morning Thunder, 6x6" oil

      At sunrise these clouds were over the roof.  Snapped reference photos, no way I would paint outside with lightning.  Spent the morning with a sixty pound poodle on my lap shaking and drooling who hates lightning more than I do.  Was difficult to hold the paintbrush steady without both of us jumping once in a while. SOLD
      Here's a photo of my setup.  Old iBook with photo reference, my plein air paintbox (6x8" Alla Prima Pochade... great for painting inside or out), a few brushes, linseed oil medium, and Gamsol with lid on.  Kept colors down to red, yellow, blue, and white.  Oh, and some magenta on the underpainting rubbed on and wiped off.  I like to see spots of this color show through in the final painting, unfortunately most of it was buried on this one.


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