Monday, July 29, 2013

Bowl Cat 2

Diane Mannion, BOWL CAT 2, 8x6" o/c


Second Painting for My Dailypaintworks Weekly Challenge

This painting is closer to my usual style than the purple cat I did yesterday.  Indian yellow toned canvas and simple... red, yellow, blue, and white palette... no black.


Sharon Yarbrough said...

Very nice Diane. I like the purple one too.

DMannion said...

Thanks, Sharon. This challenge already has a lot of interesting submissions. Touched a nerve with the pet theme.

Gwen Sylvester said...

This painting is close to my heart. Looks like my (late) brownish kitty who loved sleeping in his bowl. Lovely painting!

DMannion said...

Thank you, Gwen. Nice to know about another bowl cat... glad you have good memories about him.