Saturday, September 14, 2013

Boca Church

Diane Mannion, Boca Church, 8x10" oil on linen

#9 of the 30/30 Challenge


Photo Reference I snapped with iPhone of Catholic Chuch in Boca Grande, Florida

Started with the all important thumbnail sketch!

Sketched on Transparent Orange Oxide toned linen panel with ultramarine blue and the orange oxide.

Painted light areas in first.  I know... yesterday I suggested starting with the dark masses.  But wanted to focus on the brilliant light and color effects here without them getting muddy.  REMEMBER, THERE ARE NO RULES, IT'S WHATEVER GETS THE JOB DONE!  Some darks WERE indicated in the sketch and the panel is a mid-tone, so the painting's well on it's way already.

Color blocked in without blending or working edges or getting lost in details (tough for me).

Here's the finish again.  I just noticed how much colder the yellow looks in the final.  The above photos were shot in the studio, the final outside with my good camera. 
Yes, the yellows in the final are much warmer, closer to the above unfinished version.
Will post a better shot tomorrow.


Egretta Wells blog said...

Hi there, fellow Floridian! Your Boca Church captured my eye on the challenge. I love the shadows and the colors..very nice, Diane. Must keep looking at your blog.

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks for your comment, Egretta... fellow Floridian, one of the best places in the world to live!