Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time to Go

Diane Mannion, Time to Go, 8x10" oil on linen

Timed Quick Studies

This is the third while painting with the Light Chasers group at Caspersen Beach last Thursday.  Painted fast because rain clouds were moving in and lightning creeps me out. 

If I can convince myself these plein air paintings are quick studies, gathering information for larger works, color note taking, simply SKETCHES... then I let go and don't over-work them.  

I'll be painting with the Punta Gorda VAC plein air painters next Monday at the Bay Preserve in Osprey.  Setting a timer and will try to do several SKETCHES. 

With speedy painting in mind, the title of this painting, Time to Go takes on a new meaning: Time to let go, let it go before overworking.  Every artist has heard the expression it takes two to paint... one to push the paint and another to make it stop.  One to paint, the other with a hammer to hit the artist over the head before she ruins it!   I'll use my timer, instead.

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