Monday, October 7, 2013


Diane Mannion, Fishery, 10x8" oil, plein air

Painting in the Rain

A few hardy plein air painters showed up this morning at the Fishery in Placida despite the rain!  Cars parked nose into the wind providing protection with open hatchbacks.  My favorite way to paint, everything's handy, nothing to schlep around.
Fellow artists under hatchbacks.
Puddles inspire me... (doesn't take much!)
Toned panel and thumbnail sketch.
Thumbnail sketch.
 The start.
Finish again.  Left it exactly how it was, did not fiddle or fuss.  All the information, color notes, design, and feelings are here to paint a larger studio version. 
There was a warm glow to the sky that does not show in the miserable photo. 

Painting on a dreary rainy day was a treat... at least it was a change from the usual Floridian sunshine.


Wendy Barrett said...

Diane, you were well rewarded for braving the dreary weather,this is a great painting!! I love the puddle! I have a photo of a puddle waiting in the wings to be painted.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful information you wrote in the previous comments for setting up to paint plein air. I have been researching the easels you mentioned online. I also appreciated seeing your set up in this post. Pity I didn't have a hatchback! It might be a while before I get an easel as I'm notorious for over researching things!

Diane Mannion said...

Wendy, Other plein air boxes and setups that are really popular...
check out James Coulter's Art Box. I was SO tempted but already have too many paintboxes. Although, a girl can never have too many paintboxes! I don't buy jewelry, don't go on cruises, art supplies are my weakness. M Box is nice but expensive. Guerrilla Painter's a bit heavy for me, also French easels. I also have an Alla Prima Pochade which is a jewel and I dearly love. Good luck.

Wendy Barrett said...

Thanks Diane, I will check these out too! I have heard of James' Coulter's Art Box before and will re-visit.
Art materials are a nice weakness to have! I'm afraid I have too many weaknesses to mention!! Although, books are among them! Strangely I haven't gone really wild with art supplies yet but I can tell it might not be too far away!