Thursday, November 14, 2013

Light Catcher

Diane Mannion, Light Catcher, 12x9" oil on linen

Don't Give Up!

This started as a class project and almost ended as a wipeout!  After demonstrating how to simplify composition into a few areas for massing, had artists go outside and collect thumbnail sketches and notes.  These would be turned into a small study, mostly from memory back in the classroom.  I attempted the same project... along with my iphone camera!  Also suggested students take a snapshot if they wished to finish the painting later.

Managed to get a first stage block-in for the class demo without using photo reference, planning on wiping it out later.  But there was something intriguing about the light.  Sometimes, it becomes a learning experience to see if a painting can be saved.  Next day, working with photo reference, I rescued this painting from the wipe-out rag.

I often see students give up too soon.  Perhaps, it's resistance to breaking through to a new skill level... growing pains.  

Don't give up too soon.  Give it time.  Be gentle with your creative self.


Maria Bennett Hock said...

words to live by!!!

Diane Mannion said...

Thanks, Maria. We're often our worst critics.