Saturday, February 15, 2014

Manasota Key Winter

 Diane Mannion, Manasota Key Winter, 9x12" oil on linen.
Is It Finished Yet?
This painting is a DPW Facebook Pick of the Day!
This painting was started on location during the Light Chasers Plein Air Paintout last month.  It sat unfinished on my easel for weeks, giving me a chance to think about how to finish it.  Sorry I didn't take a snapshot of the unfinished stage... it came close to being a wipe-out. 

Most of the sand was the pinkish color on the left.  The painting had been started outside in cloudy, over-cast conditions.  The sun suddenly came out right before I left the beach and I was lucky enough to snap a reference photo.  

Added the sunny, light colored sand, reworked the sky a bit, and suggested some happy tourists.  The orange umbrella caused me the most grief.  Thought the painting was finished but when I first posted it the orange umbrella jumped out like a jellybean.  Here's that version:
The umbrella looked too neatly cut in half.  I enlarged it so it would peek out the other side of the palm tree.  Added a few branches to knock it back.  
Yes, I think it's finished!  But are they ever?  Sometimes... we have to let them go and move on to the next.


Susan Rose said...

You are gifted with the ability to capture the beauty of light. This painting is wonderful. (I'm a lover of the Florida coast, so I know you've done it justice.)

Diane Mannion said...

Thank you for your lovely comment, Susan. I appreciate it.