Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine Flowers

Diane Mannion, Valentine Flowers, 6x6" oil on canvas/mounted

Artists Learn From Each Other

This was a paint-a-long with my students rather than a demo.   Set up a simple pot of flowers and we scribbled thumbnails for design and composition first.  We painted from life not photos, it's such a pleasure looking at the real thing!  

Took breaks to offer suggestions, compliments, and encouragement.  We help each other out... wonderful group of artists from absolute beginners (we've ALL been there!) to advanced, still growing and will never stop.  We learn from each other!

I've been studying the work of Michael Klein.  Videos and book are available on his website and well worth it!  His palette is muted... almost the opposite of mine.  He's a tonalist, I'm more of a colorist.  His work is quiet, moody, and elegant.

If I find an artist that I admire, historic or contemporary... I try to learn as much as I can from them.  I don't want to paint LIKE them, but a little of their knowledge and vision may help my painting skills grow.  Painting is a life-long learning adventure.   You've gotta love it!

Have also been following Marc Hanson's February painting marathon.  He's another artist that's generous with his knowledge and advice.  His landscapes are fabulous!  I hope some of this information will help me out in the field!  What an inspiration!

Last class for this session at the Punta Gorda Visual Art Center.   Switching from Tuesday mornings to Thursday mornings in March... still a few spots left for a six week workshop.  All levels, all mediums.  Please contact the art center for more information.

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