Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Student

Diane Mannion, Art Student, 5x6" watercolor

One morning in Punta Gorda, after I chased my class outside to paint, I was struck by the dramatic light patterns falling on this student.  Even though we should paint from life as much as possible...the camera is a useful tool for capturing transient effects.

It's been awhile since I've felt like painting with watercolor.  It's the medium I used most as an illustrator, so to me, watercolor is work.  Aside from a year long obsession with pastel, oil is the medium I love most.  This watercolor started as a class demo and is also a small study for a larger oil painting in progress. 

I rate the mediums like this:  Watercolor...MOST difficult.  Oils... easiest by far!
Pastels and acrylic fall somewhere in the middle.  Students are always shocked to hear this!  Most beginners want to start with watercolors.  And many want to start with portraits... also the most difficult subject.

On exhibit now at Ringling Englewood... a few of my watercolors:

Have been experimenting with a new watercolor toy (new for me, at least).  Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen!  The large size can also do very fine details.  It's a wonderful device for field studies or studio.  Water is held in the handle... lasted a long time while I worked.  To change color, simply wipe the brush and dip into another color.  A great addition for any watercolorist!  Ideal if doing quick sketches on location because there's no need for a jar of water.  An alert reader on FB said she draws with water soluble watercolor pencils and uses the brush pen to turn the lines into watercolor.  Can't wait to try it!
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Please visit my Bay Preserve Show, Mon-Fri 9-4.
And!  The Art Alliance of Lemon Bay, 477 W Dearborn, Englewood is showing paintings from the 2014 Plein Air Paintout (best paintout I ever painted in!), now through the end of the month.
Here's mine!
Artist Acres, 11x14" oil on canvas

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