Friday, May 2, 2014

Gardenia Study

Gardenia Study, 5x7" oil on linen, ©Diane Mannion

Slow Motion

I'm always in a hurry, dashing off paintings as quickly as possible while painting outside because of changing lighting conditions, bugs, snakes, alligators, sunburn, wind, rain, curious or ominous onlookers, etc.  This speed has helped me be more spontaneous and produce a large body of small paintings.  Added to that, the habit of daily painting and the enjoyable pressure of publishing online has loosened my style. 

So, it was a pleasure working in slow motion for a change.  Took my time with this study trying to tackle complex patterns and colors.  Studio work allows time to pause, think about future projects, experiment and push technique. 

Studio studies... slow and steady, is preparation for those frenzied outdoor paint slinging sessions!

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