Thursday, September 25, 2014

Linda Reading

Linda Reading, 10.5x7.5" watercolor, ©Diane Mannion

Day 24 of Leslie Saeta's 30/30 Challenge

Painted from life at the Punta Gorda Visual Art Center Portrait Studio.  Tough painting a subject while she's reading!  So much is communicated through the eyes and if I hadn't put "reading" in the title it would look like she's sleeping.  

Nevertheless, most of the artists did a really fine job of painting and drawing Linda.  She couldn't help moving a bit, so I kept moving my easel to catch up with the turn of her head.  Painting from a live model is a lot like painting plein air while everything changes.

 Robert and his excellent charcoal drawing.
Weimin achieved an oil study filled with energy and flair!

Another experiment... for this one, Linda Reading, I used a random pre-wash rivulet technique.  Discovered this through Susan Avis Murphy's Youtube video.  It uses raw umber and ultramarine dabbed on then wet with sprayer until it flows in streams.  It's rather easy to lift paint later and darken other areas.  An interesting random pattern of transparencies results.  Not much showed in this portrait, but will try this again with a landscape or still life.  Meanwhile, her video will give you an idea.

Happy to announce that I've finished my 30 Paintings in (less than) 30 Days! Ahead of schedule because I will be painting at the Bradenton Paint the Town paintout this weekend and next week.
Will be posting the last 5 over the next few days.  


Susan said...

I really like the candid quality of this painting. The fact that the woman is reading adds needed interest. (I've never enjoyed viewing portraits of people I don't know unless there is something that bumps them up a notch.) Even if the woman is falling asleep while reading, the non-traditional pose works quite well.

martine paquet said...

I love this portrait, Diane!
So peaceful and warm.